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Chapter Eleven Photos

Linda feeding baby starlingsProving he's a better birder than I am, my cat Maynard found a very uncommon Prothonotary Warbler outside our bedroom window.

Northern ParulaDue to its dazzling combination of colors, the Northern Parula is paru-lyzingly difficult to describe.

Juvenile American RobinThe American Redstart warbler unhelpfully emblazons ist black plumage with oranges and yellows.

Rusty BlackbirdHearing this Rusty Blackbird serenade his mate was to tumble deep into a lost world of incantation.

Sedge WrenI may taken the world's worst photo of a Sedge Wren, but I found one of these rare birds at Roselle Park, and I blundered into it on my own.



Chapter Twelve Photos

Nashville WarblerThe Least Sandpiper could at least look more distinctive than other shorebirds.

DunlinA greater number of Greater Yellowlegs I had never seen in Michigan.

Yellow-rumped WarblerTwo of a dozen rare Short-tailed Dowitchers that I stumbled upon at the Caledonia Wastewater ponds.

Long-eared OwlA Spotted Sandpiper stands out nicely from the Dunlins.

Long-eared Owl I amazed myself by finding a rare Red-necked Phalarope in a tiny Tawas City park one half mile from my motel.

Franklin's GullEven rarer, and at the same playground park as the phalarope, was this rare Franklin's Gull.

Bob at Gateway ParkI share my birding finds with an appropriate friend at the park.

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