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Chapter Three Photos

Wood Duck, male
I could imagine storybook emperors trading their gold and jewels for a bird as dazzling as a male Wood Duck.

Indigo Bunting, male
Claiming I knew the song of a male Indigo Bunting, I confidently led Bill Holm to a Goldfinch.

Red-headed WoodpeckerNo eagles or pterodactyls could have made a stronger impact than a pair of Redheaded Woodpeckers defending their nest.
(Photo by Darlene Friedman)

Gray Catbird
I had no trouble learning the "mew" call of the Gray Catbird.

Tufted TitmouseThe Tufted Titmouse is a genius at infinitely varying its two-note repertoire.



Chapter Four Photos

Carla, Marla, DarlaCarla, maybe Marla, maybe Darla... I didn't seem to know.

Eastern Towhee
The Eastern Towhee was once one of the most abundant birds in Michigan.

Nayanquing PointNayanquing Point, home of the easily-seen Yellow-headed Blackbird, which Linda and I easily missed seeing.

Yellow-headed Blackbird
Indistinct photo of a distant Yellow-headed Blackbird from a later Nayanquing trip.

Eastern Kingbird Eastern Kingbirds dogged our steps at Nayanquing Point like security guards.

Rufous HummingbirdA Rufous Hummingbird from the Pacific Northwest unexpectedly showed up near Battle Creek.
(Photo by Allen Chartier, author of A Birder’s Guide to Michigan)

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