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Chapter Nine Photos

Linda feeding baby starlingsWho doesn't love the old expression, "More fun than a tub full of Flickers"?

Flicker getting fedAfter Linda released the juvenile Northern Flickers, some kept coming back for an easy meal.

Juvenile American RobinThe little face peering out at us from a tree belonged to an Eastern Screech Owl.

Juvenile Baltimore OrioleJuvenile Red-bellied Woodpecker "Big Boy" followed us from tree-to-tree in the woods, craving our company rather than food.

Common Grackle JabbaAs "Big Boy" matured he became increasingly independent from us.



Chapter Ten Photos

OspreyMama Osprey wasn't happy when I got within 100 feet of her nest on top of a railroad trestle.

Ancient MurreletThe penguin-like Ancient Murrelet from Arctic waters showed up in, of all places, southern Lake Michigan. (Photo by Karl Overman)

Tiscornia ParkAt the Tiscornia Park pier, birders stayed in place while the Ancient Murrelet and other birds came to us.

Long-eared OwlAnother Arctic duck, a Barrow's Goldeneye like this one, cooled its heels on the Grand River in Grand Rapids.
(Photo by Darlene Friedman of duck in Marysville in St. Clair County)

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