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Chapter Seven Photos

Linda feeding baby starlingsThis highly unusual yellow-rumped warbler had been under my nose in our backyard for weeks when top-gun birder Caleb Putnam noticed it.
(Photo by Caleb Putnam)

Red-breasted NuthatchAs soon as I got back from seeing my first-ever Red-breasted Nuthatch an hour from home, one showed up in our backyard.

Juvenile American RobinI'd never seen a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in our woods. Ace birder Caleb Putnam had no problem finding one.

Juvenile Baltimore OrioleDriveway birding at its best. Dave Sing's feeders were aflutter with Pine Siskins.

Common Grackle JabbaMore driveway birding! We found Common Redpolls at Dave's house, too.

Bill Holm, Chelsea, MichiganBill Holm was fine with winter birding as long as I bought him lunch in a crummy Chinese restaurant.



Chapter Eight Photos

Nashville WarblerThe Blackburnian Warbler helpfully boasts a black, burning appearance.

DunlinBill and I were confused to find a Nashville Warbler in yankee territory.

Yellow-rumped WarblerThe Black-throated Green Warbler helpfully boasts a black and yellow appearance.

Long-eared OwlBill found this Veery at Magee Marsh and shared it with other birders.

Chestnut-sided Warbler
I cleverly identified the Chestnut-sided warbler by his chestnut colored sides.

Palm Warbler
Palm Warbler amid the fronds.

Long-eared Owl Crow-size female Pileated Woodpecker proves that dinosaurs still exist.

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