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"More than just a hilarious and raucous romp (which it is), Fowl Weather shows how a parrot, or a rabbit, or a duck, or a cat, can teach us more about ourselves and about the chaos of the world than any therapist or philosopher. Bob Tarte is clearly a man after my own heart."
Sara Gruen
Author of Water for Elephants


Footprint"Bob Tarte's stories are as delightful as Gerald Durrell's, and his humor is as quirky and smart as a Gary Larson cartoon. Yet Tarte has a voice all his own, and his unforgettable family – feathered, furred and (the human ones, mostly) flummoxed – is one you'll love visiting. I couldn't put Fowl Weather down (though I did pause to laugh out loud), and when I finished, I read it all over again!"
Sy Montgomery
Author of The Good Good Pig

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