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”There s not a page that won’t be nepetalactone catnip to feline fanciers including some concluding philosophy on what a cat’s natural mental state is: ‘innate sense of wonder and joy.’ Better than a big ball of string rolled in tuna.”
Denver Post


”Bob Tarte, who wrote Enslaved by Ducks, now describes how his six (!) cats whipped him into submission. Tarte is a bit of a (self-admitted) odd duck, but his unabashed love for his felines (especially an intriguing stray named Frannie) eventually wins you over.”
USA Today


”As he endearingly portrays each cat’s distinctive personality, recalls its heart-wrenching history, and recounts episodes of reality-TV-worthy feline shenanigans, Tarte also realistically conveys the challenges of integrating each new animal into an already overwhelmed household. Delivered with infectious whimsy, considerable self-deprecation, and admirable patience, Tarte’s empathetic chronicle recalls the anxious episodes that helped put any moments of relative tranquility into hard-won perspective. Any human who has shared a life with one animal, let alone many, will immediately recognize the infinite joy and inherent frustration found in such a communal enterprise.”
Carol Haggas, Booklist


”His journalistic objectivity and self-deprecating introspection lend heartwarming humor to this account of cat-inspired chaos... Particularly moving is the author’s self-assessment of his dynamic relation with his cats, as he depicts each with the care typically reserved for a beloved. Explaining his affinity for animals in general, Tarte writes: ‘I loved their attentiveness, the grace with which they dealt with problems, their tenacity, and just about every other attribute they had that I lacked.‘ But what also helps normalize this tale is the author’s humor in realizing when his and his wife’s behavior exceeded normal pet-owner behavior. A funny, pleasing read for cat lovers of any age.”
Kirkus Reviews


”Bob Tarte is back to regale readers with more hilarious pet stories in his third and funniest book so far… Tarte masterfully defines the single trait that all cats share: that no two are alike in personality or temperament. Kitty Cornered will be a delight for every person who has ever been owned by a cat. Cat lovers, cat haters, animal enthusiasts, pet rescuers (as well as students of human behavior and psychology) will all find this book a laugh-out-loud read.”
Ariel Wulff, Animal Book Examiner,


Kitty Cornered is heartwarming and lively. The author acknowledges the intelligence of cats and beautifully describes their individual personalities with affection and humor. Although he sometimes longs for them to behave just a little different, he respects their personalities.”
Nancy Horner, Bookfoolery and Babble


Kitty Cornered is the funniest book yet from Bob Tarte, author of literary hits Enslaved by Ducks and Fowl Weather. I started bookmarking the pages containing the funniest parts, and now my book appears to have some sort of Carnivale headdress.”
Phyllis O'Beollain, Dayton 'Small Pets,'


”Journalist Tarte (Enslaved by Ducks) and his wife, Linda, already live with a menagerie of cats, rabbits, and birds. When new cat Frannie – a 'wild child from the woods – arrives, things are taken to a 'whole new level of catdom...' The narrator is chatty and affable, up early in the morning to chop fruit for the birds, attentively holding one cat’s water bowl 'like a sommelier with a dish for her to sample.'”
Publisher's Weekly


”If you're a pet lover, don't miss Kitty Cornered by Bob Tarte… Tarte is also the author of the hilarious Enslaved by Ducks, and his story of surviving in a household run by a half-dozen demanding felines is another laugh-out-loud tale. While I'm a dog person at heart, I've owned cats (I should say, I've been owned by cats), and I enjoy them. You'll enjoy Tarte's adventures with his complicated, diva-kitties.”
Lynn Coulter,


”Cat lovers will readily relate to Tarte's insistence that cats are as individualistic and quirky as humans, while non-cat lovers will gain a deeper appreciation for these animals and the people who live with them.”
Lee E. Cart, ForeWord Book Reviews

Kitty Cornered

Frannie in Sunlight

Frannie enjoys the afternoon sun in our living room.