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Book Club Questions

Book Club Questions

Occasionally book club members are burdened by being assigned to read Enslaved by Ducks. You have the author's deepest sympathy. In fact, if you've got a speaker phone – and especially if you live in the eastern half of the USA – Bob would be happy to apologize in person as a phone guest at your meeting. Drop him an email at the address at the bottom of this column to arrange it.

If you decide to forego Bob's personal sympathy and support, you still might like a few questions about Enslaved by Ducks for your book club members to duck. If you come up with better questions, feel free to share them with Bob. He will steal them and post them here.

Here are your provocative questions to ponder:

Are these people crazy or something?

Do you feel differently about pet birds after reading this book? If so, how?

If you had to pet-sit for Bob and Linda, which animal in Enslaved by Ducks do you think would be the most difficult to take care of for one day? Which one would be the easiest?

Compare and contrast the cast of characters of Enslaved by Ducks with the cast of characters of War and Peace.

What insights do you think Bob gained by the end of Enslaved by Ducks that he didn't have at the beginning of the book?

How would you describe Bob and Linda's relationship with one another?

Would you describe this as a 'how to' book about keeping birds and rabbits as pets, a 'how not to' book, or something else altogether?


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