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Kitty comrades, are you having problems dealing with those people who think they own the place? Don’t ask just one fellow cat for advice. Ask the six cats that star in Bob Tarte’s book, Kitty Cornered. Let Frannie, Agnes, Moobie, Maynard, Tina, and Lucy bat around your question and chew on it a while. The cat who sinks its claws deepest into the subject will cough up an answer.

Moobie in BedIn this special installment of Ask6Cats, bed fixture Moobie shares exercise and fitness tips.

Avoid muscle cramps by steering clear of any exercises that develop muscles.

Lose weight watching your people throw and retrieve the tinfoil ball that you ignore.

Thinking hard about vigorous exercise makes a good morning workout.

Stimulate the economy by hiring someone to do calisthenics for you.

Wag your tail as you eat a pile of tuna and feel the burn.

If you accidentally dream about galloping around the yard, rest before resuming your nap.

Make a firm resolution each and every day to visit the gym tomorrow.

Instead of weight training try wait training.

Moobie 2Target specific muscle groups for exercise – preferably someone else’s.

Do a few warm-up stretches before bounding up onto the bathroom sink and demanding water.

Favorite exercise: Kibble crunches.

My second favorite exercise: Cat-isthenics.

Don’t just do sit-ups. Do sit-up-and-begs

I decided to stay away from leg lifts after seeing the neighbor’s dog do them.

Burn calories by bounding up the stairs several times a day to eat from the other kitties’ bowls.

Cross your heart and promise to wear your sports bra backwards.

I like to do jumping jacks. When Jack visits, I jump upon his lap.

When I want my people to feed me, I turn into the Stare-Master.

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If you’re a cat with a lifestyle problem, submit your question to the email address below. If one of Bob Tarte’s six fussy cats like your style, you’ll have an answer in an upcoming installment of Ask6Cats.

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