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Kitty comrades, are you having problems dealing with those people who think they own the place? Don’t ask just one fellow cat for advice. Ask the six cats that star in Bob Tarte’s book, Kitty Cornered. Let Frannie, Agnes, Moobie, Maynard, Tina, and Lucy bat around your question and chew on it a while. The cat who sinks its claws deepest into the subject will cough up an answer.

Tip StairsIn this special installment of Ask6Cats, naughty Tina shares home improvement tips.

Can’t tear down that living room wall to open up the space? Let me try to claw through the plaster.

Help your people assemble that new TV cabinet by flopping down on the instructions.

Over-accessorizing is a decorating no-no. I can help by knocking knick-knacks off your shelves.

Claws + Duvet = Shabby Chic.

Distressed furniture is in. Buy a new coffee table. I’ll do the rest.

Avoid unnecessary back pain on a job by avoiding the job altogether.

Favorite home improvement tool: the claw hammer.

Get rid of that unsightly kitty climber. Your curtains work just fine.

Instead of insulating with fiberglass go natural with kitty hairballs.

Second favorite home improvement tool: the rat-tailed file.

Window shade darkening the bedroom too much? Add an attractive light filtering slit down the middle.

Tina and HammerProblems with a squeaky floor? Trade in your lazy cat for a good mouser like me.

Chandeliers can be a pain to dust. A long-haired cat and a hand clap can make short work of the job.

Never put off until tomorrow what you can nap today.

You person might not really want to wash the windows. Get under her feet and trip her.

A little spackling quickly mends holes in drywall. A little paw quickly makes more holes.

Weekend project: Expand that claustrophobic cat box by kicking litter all over the floor.

If the kitchen sink won’t drain, it’s possible that you’ve finally found your long lost stuffed mousie toy.

Wrap up your next home improvement project in less than half the usual time by never starting it.

Ask any cat. There’s no better centerpiece for summer entertaining than a dead vole.

For a rustic look, try using cat-lax in place of caulk.

Who needs carpeting? Fill your rooms with three inches of kitty litter instead.

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If you’re a cat with a lifestyle problem, submit your question to the email address below. If one of Bob Tarte’s six fussy cats like your style, you’ll have an answer in an upcoming installment of Ask6Cats.

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