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Kitty Cornered
How Frannie and Five Other Incorrigible Cats Seized Control of
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How One Man
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Fowl Weather
How Thirty-Nine Animals and a
Sock Monkey
Took Over My Life

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Kitty comrades, are you having problems dealing with those people who think they own the place? Don’t ask just one fellow cat for advice. Ask the six cats that star in Bob Tarte’s book, Kitty Cornered. Let Frannie, Agnes, Moobie, Maynard, Tina, and Lucy bat around your question and chew on it a while. The cat who sinks its claws deepest into the subject will cough up an answer.

Maynard RelaxationIn this special installment of Ask6Cats, pleasure loving Maynard shares his relaxation tips.

Trouble falling asleep during your afternoon nap? Trying moving from the coffee table to the couch.

Fight stress by taking a 30-second vacation. Just close your eyes and … Oops, there went two hours.

You can reduce stress just by eliminating a few items from your daily ‘To Mew’ list.

Fill your day to the brim with nothing.

When I got laid off, no sweat! I just crossed the room and laid on something else.

Don’t try to do everything at once. Prioritize. The mousie toy can wait until after string-string.

Alpha brain waves throb with energy. Cool things down by avoiding the alpha cat of the house.

Visualization relieves stress. Visualize giving me cuddle-wuddles. I feel better already.

Maynard and Bob RelaxThree words: Nude kitty yoga

Adopt an older cat. They’re less stress-inducing than a crazy kitten, and you might end up with me.

Exercise regimen. Go upstairs and wail. Head-butt your person. Use litter box.

Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Clean your cat’s litterbox every day.

Avoid negative thinking. Avoid thinking completely. Purr and block out the world.

My favorite cat philosopher: Eckhart Tabby

My favorite book: The Power of Meow

Recite a spiritual mantra. Canned catfood, canned catfood,, canned catfood.

Bird watching can be soothing. Unless you’re caught with your paws on the cage.

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If you’re a cat with a lifestyle problem, submit your question to the email address below. If one of Bob Tarte’s six fussy cats like your style, you’ll have an answer in an upcoming installment of Ask6Cats.

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