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Kitty Cornered
How Frannie and Five Other Incorrigible Cats Seized Control of
Our House and Made
It Their Home

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by Ducks

How One Man
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to Bottom of the
Pecking Order

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Fowl Weather
How Thirty-Nine Animals and a
Sock Monkey
Took Over My Life

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Kitty comrades, are you having problems dealing with those people who think they own the place? Don’t ask just one fellow cat for advice. Ask the six cats that star in Bob Tarte’s book, Kitty Cornered. Let Frannie, Agnes, Moobie, Maynard, Tina, and Lucy bat around your question and chew on it a while. The cat who sinks its claws deepest into the subject will cough up an answer.

MoobieQ: Why can't I have my own house. Shouldn't my servants have to live elsewhere?. – Elizabeth, eastern Tennessee

Moobie: This is an excellent point, except that you want your servants at your beck and call 24/7.

Q: Why does my mama get upset when I put my butt in her face?  – Squiggy in Ohio

LucyLucy: Consider the jealousy angle. Have you noticed how your human looks in Capri pants?

TinaQ: My housemates are golden retrievers. How can I torment them? Thanks  – George the Cat

Tina: How can you NOT torment them? If you’re anything like me, just being yourself should do the trick.

AgnesQ: I, too, am black-coated, ma cherie! Can you tell me how to get food off the counter without being noticed? – Slinky

Agnes: Black cat + dark room = invisibility!

MaynardQ: Why do my people use shiny silver things to eat their food? Don't they have bowls? – Anonymouse

Maynard: People have embarrassingly weak tongues, except for those noises they constantly make.

FrannieQ: I like Italian parsley. But is it bad for me? – Harry in LA

Frannie: A teenie-weenie sliver of parsley is okay beneath a big greasy chunk of dark meat chicken on a china saucer.

FrannieQ: What is that thing up in the air that no one but me is able to see & how do I catch it? – Zelda

Frannie: Leave it alone. Whatever it is, it tastes like parsley.

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